The Best of Beach Life in Kourouta

Kourouta is a beautiful sandy beach nestled between Arkoudi and Katakolo. It has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag every year for its remarkably clear water. Kourouta is a popular destination, offering a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, and campsites to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Along the beach, you’ll find an abundance of restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, and clubs to satisfy your culinary and entertainment desires. If you’re a fan of surfing and water sports, this beach is ideal for you.

The beach is conveniently located just 2 kilometers away from the town of Amaliada, which also provides excellent accommodation options. Nearby, you’ll discover Palouki, a charming settlement boasting a picturesque dock, fishing boats, and delightful fish taverns!

If you find that Kourouta beach and the nearby Palouki beach aren’t enough, there are other fantastic options to explore:

  • Marathia beach seamlessly extends from Kourouta beach, offering a mesmerizing seaside forest adorned with pine trees.
  • Roviata beach and Savalia beach are also within close proximity to Kourouta.
  • Thines Beach, located approximately 4 kilometers away near the town of Vartholomio, is a lengthy sandy beach and one of the area’s most popular destinations.
  • To the north of Kourouta, you’ll find the village of Arkoudi, boasting a beautiful sandy beach. To the south, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the beaches of Katakolo.